Creature Jewellery is a British jewellery brand founded in 2014 by Lucy Watson. Each collection is unique & every piece is a touch of luxury. Carefully designed and timeless in style. Transparency is a core principle at Creature and we want our customers to know that they can shop peacefully with us.

Quality over quantity:

Creature jewellery is designed to be both luxurious and practical. Designed for every day rather than tied to a fleeting trend. At Creature, we see quality at the heart of our designs and as a brand we say no to surplus. Through a consumer-led approach we avoid overproduction and the huge waste this can produce. We keep our stock levels small, releasing new designs in small quantities. Responding to your wants and needs and listening to the demand to avoid overproduction.


We make sure all of our suppliers share our high standards and maintain our values regarding ethical business conduct. We have factories based in England and Thailand and have made certain our values are aligned. Both factories use safe and fair labour practices and are committed to the internationally recognised human rights.


All of our jewellery comes perfectly packaged in eco-friendly recyclable boxes made using recycled materials.

Our jewellery pouches are made using 100% organic cotton and are fully recyclable.

Each order also comes with a care guide printed on recycled kraft paper.

Gift wrapping is also available. We believe sending a gift shouldnโ€™t mean adding waste to our beautiful planet so our gift wrapping tissue paper and stickers are 100% biodegradable.